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Maria Merola, the founder of Double Portion Inheritance Ministries since 2007, has gotten married to Gary Wold from Sacramento California on August 29th 2014.

Gary & Maria need financial help with Maria’s move from Virginia to Sacramento. Maria’s ministry donations have greatly declined since the wedding, and they are paying for two households until Maria's rental lease expires on January 1st 2015.

In the meantime, it is nearly impossible to save money for the move while Maria pays $1235.00 per month rent and Gary pays $1100.00 per month rent.

Maria has sold all of her furniture back in 2010, and she has used that money for living expenses. They only thing she has left to ship are the basic necessities (i.e. clothes, kitchen items, books, computer etc.). Yet, even these few items fill up a 12 foot truck and it will cost approximately $2,000 to ship it across the country.

Additionally, Maria will need gasoline & hotel money, to make the drive 3,000 miles away. Once Maria arrives in Sacramento, she & Gary will need to rent a 4 bedroom house to accommodate Maria’s ministry office space (to record radio shows) and Gary’s two teenage daughters as well as his mother.

Gary & Maria would like to share their personal testimony with all of you who have lost hope in the promises of YaHuWaH our Elohiym. They hope to encourage and inspire all who read their story.

Listen to the radio interview below:

Mark David Smith of Messianic Lamb Radio interviewed Maria and her new husband on November 2nd 2014 as they shared their message of faith and hope.

To see the full story, see the blog entitled: “Resurrection of a Promise: The Story of Maria Merola & Gary Wold.”

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