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Ha’Malqowsh: The Latter Rain Chronicles: “What Does the Vatican Have Up their Sleeve?” with guest appearance William Schnoebelen (03/01/2013)

Maria Merola & Daniel Merrick

In this episode, Daniel Merrick & Maria Merola interviewed William Schnoebelen from “With One Accord Ministries” again to continue discussing the issues of what the Vatican is planning to do ever since the resignation of Pope Benedict the XVI back on February 11th 2013. William Schnoebelen was a former Catholic Priest and a Satanist before his conversion to Yahuwshuwa Messiah in 1984. This show is packed with information that you will not want to miss! Daniel & Maria asked Bill some very poignant questions relating to the recent events that are happening in the Vatican since the announcement of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation. See William Schnoebelen’s website:

See Maria Merola’s newsletter detailing the prophetic events that have unfolded this week:

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