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On my weekly radio shows, I have announced that I will send you a flash drive with 70 of my ebooks for a minimum donation of $70.00. Here is what you have to do to receive it in the mail. Simply make a donation of at least $70.00 at the PayPal button below. Make sure to send me an email at 
with your address, and in the subject line write either: “Key of David Flash Drive” or write “Flash Drive Bracelet” so that I know what the donation is for. Also include your address as PayPal no longer automatically publishes your address when you make a donation. You must email me with the address where you wish to receive the flash drive. 

I offer two styles of flash drives. The first one is the
Key of David Flash Drive” with the name of YaHuWaH on it in Paleo & English letters and a lanyard which enables you to wear it around your neck.
You may also request the “Flash Drive Bracelet,” with the name of YaHuWaH imprinted on the bracelet as seen on the image above. Please use my email address when making the payment. You can also send your donation to my physical address:

Maria Merola
P.O. Box 231161
Sacramento, CA 95823

*Note: I am currently out of the Flash Drive Bracelets and only have the Key of David Flash Drive. I will not be ordering any more of the Flash Drive Bracelets until I can order them in Bulk which will cost me $500 for the order. If you wish to help me place that order for more Flash Drive Bracelets, I will gladly accept a donation of $500 to enable me to order another batch.

Make sure to make checks or money orders payable to Maria Merola or Maria Merola Wold. Once I am in receipt of your donation, I will send the flash drive to you. Please be sure to include your mailing address where you would like to receive your flash drive.

This is a tremendous value because you are getting 70 books for only $1.00 each! Feel free to print these books out and pass them along to all of your friends and family. Another great idea is to give these books printed out as gifts during the Feast Days.

Here is a list of the titles that are included on this Flash Drive:

1.     A Renewed Covenant Passover Haggadah.
2.     An Illustration of Messiah & The Christian Church: The Story of Rachel, Lucas & Joshua.
3.     Biblical Zionism versus Political Zionism.
4.     Breaking Evil Soul Ties Prayer.
5.     Chanukkah is The Opposite of Christ-Mass!
6.     Lyrics to the Song “Children of Promise.”
7.     MP3 of the Song “Children of Promise.”
8.     Cleansing Prayer Hebraic Sacred Name Version.
9.     Dead to the “Letter” of Towrah & Alive to the “Law of the Spirit of Life.”
10. December 25th: Birth of the Antichrist.
11. Did “Jesus” Make All Foods Clean?
12. Did Messiah Eat the Passover the Night Before He Died?
13. Dispensationalist versus A Covenant View of the Sabbath.
14. Does the Mosaic Law Command Women to Keep Silent in the Assembly?
15. Does the Name “Jesus” Really Come from Zeus?
16. Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth.
17. The Father & the Son Seen in Judah the Kinsman Redeemer.
18. Fourteen Identifiers of the Beast.
19. Grace Establishes the Law.
20. How Does “Good Friday” Discredit our Messiah?
21. How Does Puwriym Point to Messiah?
22. How Does the Sabbath Day Point to the Resurrection?
23. Is Every Day Alike & Are All Foods Permissible? A Study in Romans 14.
24. Is There a Difference Between Astronomy & Astrology?
25. King James Version versus Modern Translations.
26. Messiah Seen in Two Passovers.
27. Messiah’s Forty Days of Fasting Leading Up to Yom Kippur.
28. My People Shall Know My Name!
29. Pre-Tribulation or Post-Tribulation “Rapture?”
30. Properly Defining Legalism.
31. Remember Lot’s Wife: Taken or Left?
32. Santa Claus or Satan Claws?
33. Seven Skinny Cows Become Seven Fat Cows: The Fullness of the Gentiles.
34. Should You Be Merry About Christ-Mass?
35. Sixteen Crucified Saviors? Why Messiah’s Birthdate Matters!
36. Speaking With “New Tongues” & the Feast of Weeks.
37. Spiritual Warfare Prayer: English Sacred Name Version.
38. Spiritual Warfare Prayer: Hebraic Sacred Name Version.
39. The Vine Makes the Bitter Waters Sweet: A Study in the Book of Ruth.
40. The Alef & Taw: the Red Heifer & the Two Sticks.
41. The Bride Understands the Love Letters Under the Renewed Covenant.
42. The Covenant Name of Salvation Revealed.
43. The Effectual Fervent Prayer of the Righteous Avails Much: “A Pattern of Prayer Seen in the Tabernacle.”
44. The Hidden Name & Character of Ha’Shem.
45. The “Key of David” He that Opens & No Man Shuts!
46. The Name of “YaHuWaH” Revealed in the Parable of the Ninety Nine Sheep.
47. The Oneness of the Father & the Son versus Trinitarianism.
48. The Queen of Heaven: Why Does The Church Celebrate Easter?
49. The Thirteenth Apostle Sent to the Thirteenth Tribe.
50. The Twin Goats on Yom Kippur Fulfilled in Yahuwshuwa Messiah
51. Times, Seasons & the Thief in the Night: When is the Real New Year?
52. Two Conditions of the Human Heart Seen in Ephraim & Judah.
53. Valentine’s Day & Nimrod: The Original Cupid.
54. What is a School Master & What Law Was Added Because of Transgression?
55. What is Getting Ready to Vanish Away? A Study in Hebrews 8.
56. What Is the Double Portion Inheritance?
57. What is the Law of Niddah?
58. When Was the Real Messiah Born & Why Does it Matter?
59. Who Are the “144,000?”
60. Who Confirms the Covenant of Daniel’s 70th Week?
61. Who Is a True Yisraelite?
62. Why Don’t You Focus on Preaching the Gospel Instead of Calling the Church Out of Idolatry?
63. Yom Teruw’ah: “The Day That No Man Knows!

*Note: The list of titles on the Flash Drive continues to grow as I continue to edit more of my books and offer them in PDF format. I will add more titles to this list periodically.


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