The Lemonade Diet

 The “Master Cleanser Diet” features a minimum of a 10-day fast from food developed by the deceased Dr. Stanley Burroughs in the 1940’s. It is the perfect way to cleanse the body of toxins and disease. I, Maria Merola, have personally used this cleanse since 2006, and I love the way it affords me the ability to fast and pray without headaches and lowering my blood sugar. This fast can also be done for extended periods of time, even up to 40 days and longer when done properly. It even features a modified version of the diet for those with diabetes.

I love this method of fasting because you can effectively abstain from food for up to 40 days and longer without having changes in your blood sugar levels. From my personal experience, the first three days of this cleanse is the most difficult. Once you get past the seventh day, your stomach shrinks, and you lose your appetite for food entirely. You also gain a lot of energy and mental clarity. The cleanse uses organic maple syrup, freshly squeezed lemons and cayenne pepper in a mixture of purified water. This elixir is the same Ph-balance as your blood and this is why it is the ideal way to fast from food without harming your body. Not only does it provide an excellent way to fast from food for spiritual reasons, but it also helps you to lose body fat as it increases the metabolism when done correctly. I highly recommend doing this cleanse at least twice per year to rid the body of toxins and parasites. Below, you can click on the image to download the ebook for free.

*Disclaimer: This ebook has been re-formatted by a group called “Supernatural Alternatives LTD” that promotes “New Age” philosophy which I, Maria Merola do not endorse. Please ignore the parts of this ebook that endorses false New Age religion. I am only making this ebook available to you for the benefit of the Master Cleanser Diet itself, not the religious content.

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