About the Ministry

Hello, my name is Maria Merola, and I am the founder of “Double Portion Inheritance” Ministries. Back in 1981, YaHuWaH, our Heavenly Father called me out of the mindset of the “world” and out of paganism into a walk of faith with him through Yahuwshuwa (whom many know as Jesus), the Jewish Messiah.

Like Abraham the father of our faith, (who left the land of the Chaldeans), I was brought into covenant relationship with my Heavenly Father. Since that time, there has been a progression of leaving behind those things which hinder faith and coming into a deeper understanding of what it means to “cross-over” like Abraham did, when he crossed over from paganism into a life of being set apart and sanctified before our Creator, YaHuWaH Elohiym.

The Hebrew word for “Hebrew” comes from a root word which means “to cross over” and this means that being a Hebrew is more than just about physical lineage and DNA. It is about leaving behind idolatry and false religious systems of this world into a life of faith in YaHuWaH Elohiym and his son Yahuwshuwa ha’Mashiyach (Jesus the Messiah).

Since February 10, 1981, (when I was first “born-again”), I have known that I was being prepared for a unique work of the Holy Spirit in the final end-time harvest. Many times in prayer and through the prophetic words of others, the phrase “for such a time as this” would resound in my ears. I knew early on that I was being called to be like Esther (Hadassah) to bring salvation to the Jewish people, and in the process see the Gentiles saved as well. 

Back in the early 1980’s, I was in a season of fasting and prayer, when I asked the Heavenly Father is this question: “What is it, Father, that you have called me to do with my life?” 

The answer he gave me was startling. He said “Maria, I want you to warn my people about the religion of the Anti-Messiah.” 

Back in 1997, during another season of prayer, the word of YaHuWaH came to me again when he said to read Ezekiel 3. As I read this entire chapter, I knew that he was commanding me to be a “watchman” to the house of Yisra'el, and to warn them about false doctrines that have come into the church to deceive the masses. I was shown also through Ezekiel 19 at this same time that I was to “nourish two lion’s whelps”  just like a mother lioness nourishes her cubs.

These two lion’s whelps (I would later find out) are speaking about two Kings of Yisra'el.  But on a prophetic level, these two lion’s whelps also represent “The Two Houses of Yisra'el” as seen in Ezekiel 37:16-18 called “Ephrayim & Yahuwdah” (Judah). In other words, these two groups are otherwise known today as “Jewish & Gentile” believers in Messiah.

Both groups have been taken captive by Egypt (symbolic of the world and bondage to sin) and also by Babylon (false religious mixture). 

After much prayer, prophetic dreams, visions, and confirmation out of the mouth of “two or three witnesses,” YaHuWaH gave me the open door to start birthing this ministry. The name for this ministry was given to me in the summer of 2007 while I was in prayer. YaHuWaH told me to call this ministry “Double Portion Inheritance.” 

What is the “Double Portion Inheritance?”

During the summer of 2007, while I was in a season of intense prayer and fasting, I asked the Heavenly Father “What is the double portion anointing?” I would often hear this phrase thrown around in Christian circles, but I could never understand how the anointing of the Holy Spirit could be “doubled.” As soon as I asked this question, I was given an open vision of “The Mount of Transfiguration” where our Messiah Yahuwshuwa was seen with both Mosheh & Eliyahuw (Moses & Elijah) in Matthew 17:3-4.

I immediately heard the voice of YaHuWaH say to me: “Maria, the double portion anointing is that of Moses & Elijah.” Wow! What a profound revelation! I immediately understood why our Messiah was seen with both Mosheh & EliYaHuW (Moses & Elijah). It is because our Messiah Yahuwshuwa himself operated in both types of anointing! In other words, he perfectly obeyed and taught the Mosaic Law (Towrah), but he also operated in the miraculous and the prophetic gifts of the Holy Spirit!

I realized at this point, that modern day Christianity, has been conditioned to believe that the Holy Spirit has “replaced” the Law of Moses in the life of the believer. But in reality, both “Law & Prophets” must work “hand in hand” in order to operate in the “double portion anointing.” One without the other leads to imbalance. When believers attempt only to operate in the “gifts of the Holy Spirit” without obedience to Towrah (Mosaic Law), they often end up with a pagan counterfeit to the true Holy Spirit. When believers are only interested in “the letter of the Law” without revelation from the Holy Spirit, they end up with a rigid, dry, interpretation of scripture that leads to spiritual death. 

With the anointing of Moses & Elijah comes the perfect balance and harmony of Law & Prophets, Spirit & Truth, Wisdom & Revelation, Mercy & Judgment. 

Who was the first person in the Bible to inherit the “double?” The “double portion inheritance” was first given to the patriarch Yahuwceph (Joseph) by his father Ya’aqob (Jacob) whose name was later changed to Yisra’el. Joseph was a prophetic “type” of Messiah. 

After Joseph’s Yisra’elite brothers rejected him, he was sent to Egypt (a type of the world). Similarly, when our Messiah came the first time, the nation of Yisra’el also rejected him, and then his Besowrah (Gospel) message was sent to the Nations (symbolized by Egypt). In Egypt, Joseph was given a Gentile (Egyptian) wife. Their offspring were two sons: Ephrayim & Manasseh. Likewise, our Messiah (like Joseph) was given a “Gentile” wife in “the heathen nations.” Messiah’s offspring with the nations (Gentiles) produced two groups of people symbolized by the two overcoming assemblies in Revelation 1-3. Out of seven congregations, only two of them were found faithful (Smyrna & Philadelphia). 

In Genesis 48, the two sons of Joseph metaphorically and prophetically symbolize “born-again” Christian believers in Yahuwshuwa in the last days. Because they were raised by an Egyptian mother in a pagan culture, they thought of themselves as “Gentiles.” 

In the same way, many who are “born-again” Christians who have been taught pagan customs, consider themselves to be merely “Gentiles.” There is an “identity crisis” in today’s Christianity where born-again believers do not recognize that they are “grafted into the Olive Tree” (Yisra’el) and hence they continue to behave as “Gentiles.” But the word “Gentile” means “a heathen nation!” 

It is an oxymoron to declare that one is “born-again” (born from above) and yet they are still “a heathen” or outside of the covenant. In Ezekiel 47:22-23, we are told that once a “stranger” decides to “sojourn” with an Yisra’elite tribe, they are to be treated as “one born among” the Yisra’elites. 

Once a “Gentile” or a “stranger” begins to “sojourn” with the Messiah (in other words, walk in his footsteps) they are then part of his tribe! Our Messiah is called “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah” (Revelation 5:5). This means that becoming a “Yahuwdiy” (Jew) is not about joining a religion called Judaism. Becoming a Yahuwdiy (Jew) means that you have joined the Tribe of Yahuwdah (Judah) because you are sojourning with the Jewish Messiah! 

The Apostle Sha’uwl (Paul) explained this concept in Romans 2:26-29 when he declared that being a “Yahuwdiy” (Jew) was not something that is done outwardly in the flesh (going through the motions). But becoming a Yahuwdiy (Jew) means that your heart is circumcised by the Holy Spirit and you have the Mosiac Law (Towrah) written in your heart and mind! This is the sign of the “New” or “Renewed Covenant” (Jeremiah 31:31-33, Hebrews 8:10, 10:16) . Sha’uwl (Paul) declared: 

Romans 2:28-29 “For he is not a Yahuwdiy (Jew), which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Yahuwdiy (Jew), which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of Elohiym.”

Some people think that the Apostle Sha'uwl (Paul) was teaching “Replacement Theology” here. But this is not at all what “Replacement Theology” is. The Roman Emperor Constantine instituted the idea of “Replacement Theology” based on the false gnostic idea that Gentile Converts (Christians) did not have to obey the Mosaic Law (Towrah). 

In doing this, he “replaced” the true covenant of Messiah (which includes the Law of Moses written on our hearts) with a false covenant that is based on lawlessness and a pagan counterfeit Messiah with a counterfeit name (Jesus) and counterfeit holidays. Constantine did this by “replacing” all of the true Feast Days of YaHuWaH (outlined in Leviticus 23) with pagan holidays recycled from ancient Babylonian sun-god worship.

Additionally, Constantine re-labeled theses pagan holidays to make them appear “Christian.” Such holidays include: Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Saint Patrick’s Day, Sunday Sabbath etc. instead of the true 7th day Sabbath (which points to Messiah’s resurrection).

Ephrayim & Manasseh thought they were Egyptians, because they were born in a foreign country to a foreign mother. But when their grandfather Ya’aqob (Jacob-Yisra’el) prayed the blessing over them he declared “let my name be named upon them” and this is when they realized that they were not Gentiles but they were truly Yisra’elites! Likewise, today, the Heavenly Father is calling many of his elect to come out the Mother Harlot Churches as he is placing his “name” upon them! 

To his favorite son Yahuwceph (Joseph) Ya’aqob (Jacob-Yisrael) gave “one portion above your brethren” (Genesis 48:22) or “the double portion inheritance.” This represents the ministry of Yahuwshuwa the Messiah who like Joseph was given the “heathen nations for an inheritance” (Psalms 2:8).

Yahuwshuwa, like Joseph has inherited the tribes of Ephrayim & Manasseh through his marriage to those who are truly the elect within the Christian Churches (just like Joseph who was given an Egyptian wife). But he has also inherited the house of Yahuwdah (Jews) because he was born into the tribe of Yahuwdah (Judah). 

And so Yahuwshuwa will inherit both houses of Yisra’el: Ephrayim & Yahuwdah (Judah). In order for this to happen, there is a remnant within the Christian Church who are now answering the call to come out of “Mystery Babylon the Great the Mother of Harlots” (Revelation 18:4).

When these “born-again” believers finally see their true identity as Yisra’elites, and they come out of the Harlot Churches, they will then join “the stick of Ephrayim” (Ten Northern Tribes of Yisra’el). They will then see that they have been “grafted into the Olive Tree” when they repent of their pagan idols and they embrace the true covenant of Messiah. There is also a remnant within the House of Yahuwdah (Judah) or “Jews” who will finally see that their Messiah was Yahuwshuwa of Nazareth all along. Zechariah 12:10 says: “they will look upon me whom they have pierced and they will mourn for him as one mourns for his only son…” That is when these elect from “the stick of Judah” (Two Southern Tribes of Yisra’el) will be grafted back into their own Olive Tree as well. And together these “two sticks” become ONE STICK IN THE HAND OF YAHUWAH (Ezekiel 37:16-17).

These two tribes of Ephrayim & Yahuwdah (Judah) comprise “The House of Yisra’el.”

In Ezekiel 37:16-17, we are shown a prophecy about these “Two Houses” (Judah & Ephrayim) coming together and becoming “one stick” in the hand of YaHuWaH in the last days at the resurrection. 

What brings these two tribes together? 

In Ephesians 2:15, the Apostle Sha’uwl (Paul) tells us that Yahuwshuwa has abolished man-made ordinances invented by the Rabbis which prevented the “divorced tribes” (called Gentiles) from coming near to the outer court of the temple. By the blood of Yahuwshuwa Messiah these former “Gentiles” (who were once alienated from the Commonwealth of Yisra’el) are back home from afar! Just like the prodigal son, the divorced tribes of Yisra’el (the House of Ephrayim) were “brought near” to the temple (and the covenant) because Messiah has “broken down the middle wall of partition” which divided these Two Houses of Yisra’el (Ephrayim & Yahuwdah) or Jew & Gentile. When Messiah returns, he will make of the “Two Houses of Yisra’el” (Judah & Ephrayim) ONE NEW MAN! 

Yahuwshuwa is now building his body (his bride) into “one new man” in the Olive Tree (Romans 11:17-21). The “natural branches” represent the “Jews” or the “Two Southern Tribes” (Benjamin & Judah) who were cut out of the Olive Tree after they rejected their Messiah at his first coming. But the “Ten Northern Tribes” of Ephrayim were divorced in Jeremiah 3:8 because of their idolatry. These are called “the wild branches” because after YaHuWaH divorced them, they became known as “Gentiles.” Messiah came to restore these “wild branches” (The Ten Northern Tribes of Ephrayim) who had been estranged from the covenant because of pagan holidays and their defilement of YaHuWaH’s Sabbaths and feast days. Yahuwshuwa said that he had come “for the lost sheep of theHouse of Yisra’el” (Matthew 15:24) which were these ten divorced tribes. But no sooner did the “lost sheep” begin to come home, and then the older brother (Judah) also rejected the Messiah, and hence even the “natural branches” were cut out of their own Olive Tree. But both houses of Yisra’el are prophesied to become grafted back into their own Olive Tree before the second coming of Yahuwshuwa!

In these last days, all those who profess to follow the Messiah of Yisra’el named Yahuwshuwa are being called by the Holy Spirit to form a “corporate” army of end-time prophets who will preach an uncompromising Apostolic message that will shake the world and turn it upside down! 

The “Two Witnesses” of Revelation 11:4 are “the two candle-sticks and the two olive trees.” These “two candlesticks” are shown to us in Revelation 1:20 as the overcoming assemblies, which are Smyrna & Philadelphia. The two olive trees, are “The Two Houses of Yisra’el” (Ephrayim & Judah) who follow the Messiah Yahuwshuwa. These “Two Houses” are now uniting and they are bringing together two elements. These “two elements” are “Law & Prophets.” In other words, the anointing of Moses & and the anointing of Elijah (Revelation 11:6). These two corporate groups of people will begin to walk in the “double portion anointing” just like our Messiah did! In other words, they will obey the Towrah and they will also operate in the power of the Ruwach ha’Qodesh (Holy Spirit) with signs, wonders and miracles.

The Messianic Jewish believers who follow the Law of Moses (Towrah) bring the element of the anointing of Moses, and the Christian believers who tend to flow more freely in the gifts of the Holy Spirit carry the anointing of Elijah (Spirit). When these two groups come together in “Spirit & Truth” bringing together the elements of “Law& Prophets” it will bring with it the most powerful anointing and outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the history of mankind! 

In order for believers to walk in the “double portion anointing,” they must have both of these elements working in perfect harmony. Yahuwshuwa ha’Mashiyach operated in the perfect balance and harmony of both! 

The 1st Century Hebrew Apostles had this double portion anointing, and we read about it in the book of Acts. They moved in signs, wonders and the miraculous, but they also taught from the Law of Moses (Towrah) every Sabbath Day. 

Contrary to popular belief, the Apostles did not teach that the Mosaic Law (Towrah) was abolished, but rather they taught that the Towrah has now been written upon our hearts and minds on the Day of Pentecost (called Shabuoth), accompanying the Baptism in fire & the Holy Spirit. 

Christians often confuse “the law of commandments contained in ordinances” (Colossians 2:14-16) with the Mosaic Law (Towrah). What many Christians do not realize is that these “ordinances” were man-made decrees invented by the Rabbis in order to prevent the “lost tribes” from returning back to the covenant. These “ordinances” made it punishable by death for any “Gentile” to “come near” to the temple so that they might hear the scriptures, repent and be restored! Messiah came and restored these divorced tribes, by “abolishing in his flesh” these man-made ordinances! (Ephesians 2:14-15). He also abolished another “ordinance” in Numbers 5, where if a man’s wife was suspected of adultery, but it was hidden from her husband, the priest would perform “the Law of Jealousy.” 
If the woman was found out to be an adulterous, the priest would write curses against her into a book, and then he would “blot out the curses” with bitter water. Our Messiah came to “blot out the curses” that were against the adulterous wife Yisra’el!

Now, the role of the High Priest after the order of the sons of Aharown (Aaron) has now been superseded by a heavenly Priesthood called the “Zadok” (Tzadiq) or an eternal righteous priesthood. All born-again believers are called to be a part of this “royal priesthood.” Yahuwshuwa has now brought in a new “administration” (2nd Corinthians 3) after the order of Melchizedek or in Hebrew “Malki-Tzadiq” which means “King of Righteousness” (Hebrews 7). Every follower of Messiah is called to be part of this royal priesthood under our High Priest, Yahuwshuwa (1st Peter 2, Revelation 1:6, 5:10, 20:6). 

Maria Merola desires to share this vision with others who have a calling to birth “Double Portion Inheritance” Congregations, across the United States of America and around the world. Maria does not want to be a “pastor” or a congregation leader. Her only role is to share the vision with others who are interested in taking the “baton” and begin running the race! 

Here is what the vision entails: 

We desire to raise up congregations that bring together Yahuwdiy (Jewish) & Goyim (Gentile) followers of the Messiah, Yahuwshuwa, and to raise up, train and mobilize the “Two Witness” army of Revelation 11:4.

The mission of these congregations is to educate the Christian Churches about the Hebraic Roots of our faith in Messiah and to lay the foundation once again on the doctrine of the 1st Century Hebrew Apostles (Pre-Constantine era) as seen in Ephesians 2:20.

The mission is also to reach out to the Jewish people, and to share with them the Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament (TaNaKh), thereby giving them the opportunity to receive Yahuwshuwa as their Messiah. We want to educate and train Messianic Jews, Christians, and Hebraic Root’s believers what it means to walk in the balance of “the double portion anointing” by introducing to them “the baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire” evidenced by the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit (1st Corinthians 12 &14). 

The model for this type of “First Century” style congregation would involve conducting services every 7th day Sabbath with in-depth teaching on Bible Prophecy, Church History and other relevant issues dealing with Yisra’el, the Christian Church and how prophecy is unfolding in both of these camps today. 

This ministry will also be expanding into other congregation plants. The first model will be in Fredericksburg Virginia. There will be other subsequent plants as the Holy Spirit leads us. 

If you are being led by the Holy Spirit to help in any way by praying and being a part of this vision, or if you would like to sow seed into this ministry, please go to: www.paypal.com and make a payment to:DoublePortionInheritance@gmail.com

You may also mail your contribution to:

Maria Merola
P.O. Box 231161
Sacramento, CA 95823

We are also taking prayer requests at the above email address. We are available to do “one-on-one” ministry by telephone by appointment only. If you would like for someone from this ministry to call you for prayer and spirit-led counseling, we are here for you. All you have to do is email us at the above email address. 

We need financial help with this ministry as well as “laborers” who would like to join our staff in helping to plant “Double Portion Inheritance” Congregations. 

Maria Merola is a full time prayer intercessor as she spends time ministering to YaHuWaH day and night, and then from the overflow of that ministry of intercession, Maria makes herself available for ministry to others. As part of the royal priesthood of Yahuwshuwa, we ask for your support in this intercessory prayer ministry to help sustain us as we make ourselves available to pray for your needs.
The Double Portion Inheritance is seen on many levels prophetically throughout the scriptures:

Moses & Elijah (Malachi 4:4-5, Matthew 17:3-5); The Mount of Transfiguration (Messiah’s Ministry).
Law & Prophets (Matthew 22:40, Romans 3:21).
Truth & Spirit (John 4:24) .
Wisdom & Revelation (Ephesians 1:17) .
Judgment & Mercy (Psalms 101:1, Hosea 12:6, Zechariah 7:9) .
Judah & Ephrayim = One Stick (Ezekiel 37:16-17) .
Jew & Gentile = One New Man (Ephesians 2:15) .
Smyrna & Philadelphia (Revelation 1:20,11:4) .
Justification & Sanctification (1st Corinthians 6:11, James 2:24, 1st Peter 1) .
Wise as Serpents (Law) & Gentle as Doves (Spirit); (Matthew 10:16) .
The Two-Edged Sword (Psalms 149:6, Hebrews 4:12, Revelation 1:16; 2:12) .
Two Candlesticks & Two Olive Trees (Revelation 11:4) .
King & Priest = The Melchizedek Order (Hebrews 7) .
Lion & Lamb = Yahuwshuwa Messiah is both (1st Peter 1:19, Revelation 5:5-12) .
Messiah Ben Joseph & Messiah Ben David = Yahuwshuwa at his 1st and 2nd coming .
12 Tribes & 12 Apostles = 144,000 (Revelation 7 & 14) .
The Father & The Son = YaHuWaH Elohiym (1st John 2:22-23, Proverbs 30:4).
Son of Man & Son of Elohiym (God) = Yahuwshuwa Messiah had to be 100% human (able to be tempted) yet 100% divine (able to be sinless).
Rachel & Leah = Two Sisters (Jerusalem & Samaria) (Genesis 31:4, Jeremiah 3) .
Joshua & Caleb = The Two Spies; Joshua from Ephrayim & Caleb from Judah. 
The Crucifixion & The Resurrection 
Water Baptism & Fire Baptism (Matthew 3:11, Luke 3:16).
The Blood & The Water (John 19:34 came from Messiah’s side).
Faith & Works of the Spirit (James 2:17-26).
9 Fruits of the Spirit & 9 Gifts of the Spirit (1st Corinthians 12:4-9; Galatians 5:22-23; Ephesians 5:9).
The New Heaven & The New Earth (Revelation 21:1).
The Right Hand & The Left Hand (Genesis 48:13-14; Exodus 22& 29; Leviticus 14:16 & 27; Deuteronomy 5:32; Joshua 1:7, 23:6; 2nd Samuel 16:6).
The Old Testament (TaNaKh) & The New Testament (Briyth Chadashah).

Many of these “dualities” are seen throughout scripture. But both of these elements must always co-exist together in Messiah Yahuwshuwa. He is the one who inherits the double portion blessing of Joseph, and those who follow him are joint-heirs with him in this double portion blessing (Romans 8:17)!  


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